Standard Poodle Puppies Available NOW!

Three Available - 2021 Puppies

Our February 2021 litter has exceeded our expectations. Not only are they absolutely adorable, every puppy has a gorgeous coat, good form, and a delightful personality.  We still have Standard Poodles Puppies for sale from this litter!

All Rosegold Poodle puppies go home to their forever families with up-to-date vaccinations, regular de-wormings, and a health check by our veterinarian.

Both parents are larger Standard Poodles, what some breeders call the “Royal” Standard. It’s likely all of Gracie and Clint’s puppies will weigh in the upper ranges of the Standard Poodle breed, so know that if you make one of these little bundles a joy a part of your family they are going to be a “big” part of it! That’s just more poodle to hug and play with, and do they like to play!

In case you’ve never had one, poodle hugs are the best. These puppies have so much love to give and they are super attentive. I feel like a rockstar when I spend time with them! Absolute love and adoration in a fluffy, playful puppy. Poodles are the BEST!

Puppy prices start at $1000 for limited registration (sold WITHOUT breeding rights – pet only). If you would like to purchase a puppy with breeding rights, please contact us. You can reach us at (417) 597-3631‬ (call or text) or via email.

Blaze - Female - Blue

Blaze has been a crackerjack since the day she was born. She’s one of the smaller puppies in the litter, but she’s always the first to the food bowl and she can’t wait for snuggle time. She will be 55+ lbs as an adult. Blaze is a Blue female with a white blaze of color on her chest. She is playful, loving, and full of fun. 

Padfoot - Male - Silver

Padfoot is a big Silver boy with white hairs on the pads of his feet. He should be 65+ lbs fully grown. Padfoot has a gorgeous full coat and is super soft. He loves snuggles, snacks, and playing fetch. He loves to spend time with people or pets, and would be a great companion.

Patches - Boy - Brindle Parti

This puppy likes to play and snuggle! With his striking coloring and his playful attitude, Patches is one of our favorites. (Honestly, they are all favorites.) Patches is always up for a wrestling match with his siblings, and when he’s done he loves to cuddle and love. He has a can do personality and he is compassionate and affectionate.


SOLD Lucy - Female - Blue SOLD

Lucy is such a bright, happy puppy. She is curious, playful, and incredibly compassionate. Lucy loves to give kisses and she’s always ready with a happy smile! Lucy will be a larger poodle, probably in the 60-65 lb range. Her personality is well-suited for service or therapy work. 

SOLD Chewy - Male - Brindle SOLD

Meet Chewy. This boy is one of the biggest in the litter and should be 70+ as an adult. He loves to eat, romp, and chase his siblings’ tales. Chewy is curious, affectionate, and is always up for some love. He has the perfect personality for a service or therapy dog or to pass on to some superior offspring. His coloring is striking and his coat is thick. 

SOLD Rosie - Female - Blue SOLD

The largest female puppy in the litter, Rosie is easy to pick out of the crowd. She has a white blaze on her chest, white toes on her back feet, and her hair is so soft you just want to hold her for hours. Look at those waves and curls! Rosie is curious, loving, and super sweet.

SOLD Hugo - Male - Silver SOLD

Hugo always looks like he’s solving puzzles. You can see this big Silver fella’s mind working, whether it’s deciding how to tease his brothers into a wrestling match or how to convince you to give him a treat. Hugo is fun-loving and sweet and is one of our bigger puppies. He will likely be 75+ lbs as an adult.

SOLD - Shimmer - Female - Blue - SOLD

Look at that coat shine! Shimmer is a super soft blue puppy with one white toe and a little sprinkle of white hairs on her chest. Always alert, you can’t sneak anything past this little light. She watches everything that happens around her with curiosity and a desire to learn. Shimmer is a slightly smaller puppy.

SOLD - Dancer - female - blue - SOLD

Can we say adorable? Dancer likes to prance around when her siblings strut and stalk. The life of the party already, this little girl always manages to be in the thick of things. She loves to play and snuggle.

SOLD - Clifford - male - blue - SOLD

I wanted to call this big boy Chunk, but I was overruled. Clifford may not be red, but he sure is big. The second largest in the litter (after Rosie), Clifford already loves life. He loves to try new things and is quite the adventurer. I can always count on Clifford to lead the charge when I introduce the puppies to a new experience.

SOLD - Kitten - Female - Blue and White - SOLD

When this gorgeous little girl was first born she sounded exactly like a hungry kitten, and the name stuck. She has a soft, thick coat and beautiful markings. Kitten is our smallest puppy, but she is big in personality. This little girl loves naps, hugs, and playing with her siblings.

SOLD - Dash - Male - Blue - SOLD

It’s early days yet, but Dash may end up being a prize athlete. He’s always moving and searching for his next moment of mischief. Dash likes to run as fast as he can, often bouncing off of the other puppies like a ping pong ball. He’s a fluffy ball of fun!

Previous Puppies

2020 litter - Twinkle Toes (Now Luna)- Female Blue - SOLD

Twinkle Toes wants to be where the people are (like the song). She is an active girl and loves to dance around and show off her pretty white toes (on her back foot). Twinkle loves to play, and she’s often involved in a game of chase or keep away with the other puppies. She’s full of energy and curiosity. Twinkle loves to explore and go for walks, and her personality is shiny and happy. Twinkle is a big snuggly puppy, and will likely be a big girl when she grows up. She’s gentle and kind, and shows amazing patience for an energetic puppy.

Luna is living the high life with her family in Louisiana. She loves playing, snuggling, and has even acclimated to the hurricanes! 

2020 litter - Sherman - Male Blue - SOLD

Ahh, Sherman. We adore this hunk of puppy. This big boy is our pick of the litter. He’s a little more reserved than some of the other puppies, but he radiates a sense of solid reliability and confidence. Sherman is a calm, dignified fellow most of the time, but all bets are off when he’s playing with his pals. Sherman was the biggest puppy at birth and he now shares the title of “biggest” with Winston. Truly a gently giant, he is a joy to be around. Sherman loves to bow (he had perfected that famous poodle bow as soon as he learned to walk!) and he hasn’t met a tennis ball yet that he doesn’t love. A stick works just fine for him too.

We called this puppy Sherman because he was built like a tank even as a puppy. His new family agreed and kept the name. Sherman has a best buddy/brother he loves romping with and he’s living up life in the country.

2020 litter - Lil Bob (Now Blue) - Male Blue - SOLD

This boy is a talker! Lil Bob isn’t as little as his name suggests. He’s right in the middle of the group size-wise, but he leads it in personality. Lib Bob gets his chattiness from his momma and he’s always ready for a conversation. Especially if you aren’t paying attention to him. This puppy is wicked smart. He’s always thinking and planning. He’s loving and loyal to a fault, and is a super-loving puppy. He’s not clingy though! This boy loves to spend time with his people, but he’s just fine chewing on a bone and exploring his surroundings too. He plays hard, sleeps hard, and loves even harder. 

Blue joined his family in central Missouri. He had one young human when he joined the family, and he gained another one soon after he arrived! Now he’s the champion snuggler in the family.

2020 litter - Aphrodite - Female Blue - SOLD

Aphrodite is a beauty! She has the darkest coat out of the bunch, but shows clear indicators of being a blue. She’s so dark and shiny it’s hard to get a good picture of her! Please contact us for more pictures and videos. She is the the most beautiful of all of the puppies in confirmation and size ratio. This little girl loves pets, plays, and staring into your eyes. We’re convinced she’s trying to hypnotize us. 🙂 Aphrodite’s coat is thick and soft and she has the perfect form. She is the smallest of our girls and was the first-born for this litter. We are estimating her adult weight will be in the 55-65 pound range, but sometimes the little puppies surprise you and end up the biggest!

Aphrodite went to a wonderful family on the Missouri/Iowa border. We couldn’t be more pleased with how she’s settled in with her new family, who spoil her silly, and her gorgeous beau, Bentley. 

2020 litter - Winston (Now Chandler Bing) - Male Blue - SOLD

Winston is a big boy and he’s proud of it. Winston is definitely a leader and he loves keeping an eye on everything going on around him. He is protective and loving and is a big fan of hugs and a good ear rub. His favorite toys are tug toys and he loves interactive play, followed by a cuddle and treat. He will chase a tennis ball as long as you can throw it. He hasn’t quite managed fetch yet though. This boy plays hard, sleeps hard, and loves hard. Winston us one of our biggest puppies and he has an amazing, lush coat.

Oh the stories I have to tell about Chandler Bing! He’s the classic overachiever, and we’re okay with that. Chandler does dock diving, agility, he’s learning to duck hunt, and he’s a canine good citizen who loves going to the beach. He even has his own instagram: @rosegoldschandler

2020 litter - Pinky (Now Ghosty) - Female Blue - SOLD

Look at that face! Pinky looked blue at birth but she’s showing silver markings now. She is a beautiful girl already, and when her color finishes changing she will be stunning. With her confirmation she has the potential to be a show poodle. This girl is a ton of love in a compact poodle package. Pinky is one of the most affectionate puppies I’ve ever met, and loves to focus on her person. She’d rather have hugs and pets instead of play most of the time! Not that she doesn’t love to play. Pinky runs like the wind and watching her ears flap is a guaranteed giggle maker. She’s super smart and always looking for new ways to explore her environment. As our biggest girl, Pinky is going to be a bigger poodle like her parents.

Ghosty has her mom’s gentle nature. Her favorite pastime is snuggling and chewing on bones. Her color is changing constantly and we’ll update pics as soon as we get new ones!

2020 litter - Boo Bear (Now Guppy) - Male Blue -SOLD

If you are looking for a snuggle bug, this is the boy for you. Boo Bear is the best hugger, and he comes by it honestly! His mom and his dad both love a good hug and cuddle. He loves to run and play, and he is super gentle. Boo is sensitive to the moods of the people around him, and if he thinks you need a pick-me-up he’s right by your side giving you those cute puppy eyes. Boo is a big boy and I’m estimating his adult weight will be between 65-75 pounds. 

I swore to keep Boo (Guppy) unless the perfect match came along for him. And she did! Agape is now a service dog in training. He lives on campus with his new owner, who is in training herself to be a vet. Want to follow their journey? Check out their Instagram: @agape_sdit

2020 litter - Spot (Now Oreo) - Male Black and White - SOLD

Spot is a leader, through and through. He’s always the first puppy to say hi, the first to the food bowl, the first to chase the ball, and it’s fun to watch the other puppies follow his lead. Spot loves being with people, is a big hug magnet, and his coloring is striking. He has a great coat, and is going to be a big boy as an adult. Spot is a true athlete. He is always running and jumping over any obstacle he can find. He might have a bright future as an agility dog.

Oreo Speedwagon is one flashy poodle, and he has a big heart to match. He is the pride and joy of his family and he keeps them laughing and loving. Everyone in the neighborhood is in love with this beautiful boy, but no one loves him more than his momma. 

2020 litter - Spock (Now Salvador) - Male Brindle - SOLD

Spock is the lover of this group of puppies. His favorite place is sitting next to or on the nearest person. Spock’s color markings are gorgeous, and have been since the moment he was born. His coat is silky soft. Spock loves to play, cuddle, and eat. His personality gets bigger every day, and so does he. This boy has some huge feet! 

Salvador went to live with my sister and it’s been a joy to watch him grow! And grow, and grow, and grow. He’s besties with his human brother, who’s a year and a half, and loves the rest of the family too. Even the cat! His coloring gets more striking every day. We love this big goof!

2020 litter - Daisy - Female Black and White - SOLD

Daisy is a doll! She is playful and full of energy. She is always the puppy starting a wrestling match or leading a game of chase around the yard. Daisy has her momma’s heart and joy and her daddy’s energy. Daisy hasn’t found anything yet that she’s afraid of or that startles her. This fearless puppy is sure to want lots of playtime and hugs.

Daisy was the puppy I prayed for and was my prayer ever answered. She’s ornery, smart (almost scary smart) and just wants to spend time with me and play, like her momma. Fetch is her favorite, and she’ll run until she drops if I would let her. Love this beautiful baby! Look for puppies from her in 2022.

2020 litter - Veronica (Now Rosie Blue) - Female Blue - SOLD

Veronica is a gem. She’s one of our biggest girls and her coat is amazing. It was the longest coat on any of the puppies when they were born, and it has great poodle curl. I love to pet her just to feel how soft she is! And she loves to be petted, so it works out just fine for all of us. Veronica is a speedy puppy, and she has a blast zooming around the yard. It’s even more fun when she has a toy in her mouth. She’s social and energetic, and she loves to wear herself out for her afternoon nap. She’s not all play though. She enjoys a good cuddle, just like the rest. 

Rosie Blue thinks she’s still a lap dog, even though she’s a giant! She loves to go hiking and for walks for her family and she’ll never turn down a hug!

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