Powerfully Intelligent Standard Poodles

Standard Poodles are smart. And I mean really smart. Many dog experts consider them the second smartest breed, right after border collies. Like border collies they need constant brain stimulation to prevent boredom and bad behavior, especially when they are puppies.

Standard puppies learn tricks and commands with ease. Each of our poodles has learned to sit, lie down, come, stay, and heel in only a day or two of practice. If you want a puppy to compete in obedience class, a Standard Poodle may be the dog for you!

When I was working with Gracie on basic commands as a puppy, she learned so fast I couldn’t keep up with her. She actually started “teaching” me new tricks. She honestly believed we were teaching each other.

My favorite was when I was teaching her to shake and she taught me how to give a high-five. She still loves to do that!

If you pay close attention to the cues your dog gives you, it’s amazing what you can learn from them. It is vitally important that you don’t underestimate a poodle’s intelligence, for thier own safety. They can learn how to open doors and gates, sneak items they shouldn’t have, and they are experts at hiding things. Luckily, their loyalty almost always wins out and they are also incredibly obedient. Their first priority is usually to please you.

Remember that consistency is key!

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