True Athletes and Fast Growers

Energy Level and Exercise

Poodles are a high-energy dog. They require adequate exercise and play to keep them calm and happy the rest of the time. Poodles that don’t get enough mental and physical stimulation can act out in interesting, and not always pleasant for us, ways.

Standard Poodles are a large breed dog. That means they grow very quickly from their puppy size to adult size. Most will reach about 80% of their adult size by the time they are 8-12 months old, but they will continue to grow beyond that age. Gracie is still growing, and she is 2.

Because they grow for such a long time, it is very important that they do not receive too much exercise too early. Doing too much while thier bones, tendons, and muscles are still forming can cause permanent damage. When you take your puppy for a walk, a good rule of thumb is no more than five minutes of walking for each month of its life. So your three-month-old puppy should walk no more than 15 minutes a day, a 5-month-old would be okay at 25 minutes a day, and your 1 year old poodle could walk for up to an hour.

A poodle puppy should not “run” with you until it is fully matured physically (at about 2 years of age). Set them on a training regimen to gradually increase their stamina just as you would for yourself. Once they are fully trained, they will keep up with you with ease!

You might want to consider some extra-curricular activities for your poodle to keep them active mentally and physically. There are a variety of canine sports that poodles excel in, and they honestly love them! Look at agility training and competitions (they soar through the courses with grace), advanced obedience courses, tracking exercises, and retriever and hunt tests and training.

Remember, your poodle just wants to be with you. The puppy will not tell you they are tired, and they will try to keep up with you no matter the cost to their health and safety. It is up to YOU to use common sense.

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