Teething Is No Joke

I’ve never been bitten by a shark, but I have been gnawed on by Standard Poodle puppies. Ouch! Those little needle-filled mouths are a hazard. But puppy teeth, and teething, can be managed!


Standard Poodle puppies, just like babies, will put everything they can reach into their mouths. When they start teething they start chewing on whatever they can reach. Luckily, poodles are smart and they want to please you so you can usually redirect their chewing to an appropriate toy, bone, or teething item.

We’ve had superb luck with pig ears. They are gross, I will freely admit that, but the puppies love how they feel on thier gums and teeth.

We’ve also used beef rib bones. Our puppies also love the braided natural rope toys and the harder squeezy nylon toys.

NEVER USE RAWHIDE TREATS FOR A POODLE. Rawhide can splinter, wind into cords, and can cause intestinal blockage in your puppy. Many of the teething “treats” sold are rawhide, so choose carefully.

Managing Your Teething Puppy

When our poodles were teething we had teething toys scattered around the house. If a puppy picked up something they shouldn’t, we would gently take it from them and get them excited about the chew toy instead. It didn’t take long before they preferred the toy.

I learned with my first poodle that shoes and socks, especially socks, are irresistible to poodle puppies. As are cords, plastic water bottles, bars of soap, and pretty much anything else they can reach.

Gracie, my second Standard, proved that point by eating one of my favorite shoes that I foolishly left on the floor. And I knew better. Keep your shoes up or in a closet until your puppy is past the major teething stage (about 8 months old). Socks too if you like yours.

Trust me, having the love and adoration of a Standard Poodle is worth the inconvenience of temporarily “baby-proofing” your home.

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