The Standard Poodle Hair Style

I’m not sure of the exact number, but there are a LOT of possible haircuts for Standard Poodles. Some are crazy elaborate, some are absolutely basic. The good news is, you’re bound to find the cut you like best on your Spoo.

The first step is to find a groomer you like. Facebook Standard Poodle groups and other Spoo groups in your area are great places to get recommendations. Once you find a groomer, talk to them about what’s best for your dog. If the first cut doesn’t work for you, try another the next grooming. Or change it up every time!

The Importance of Grooming

Poodles don’t shed like other dogs. They do release hair, but because their coats are dense and curly the hair stays in the coat until it is groomed out. If it’s not brushed or clipped out, it will mat up and become painful.

It’s important to brush Standard Poodles regularly. A few minutes of thorough brushing a day is a good practice to get into. Some of the more elaborate styles can take up to an hour of brushing. Brushing is also a great way to bond with your dog.

Standard Poodles need bathed and clipped every 4 to 6 weeks. They’ll also need their nails trimmed regularly. Fun fact about Spoos, they are more than a little vain! Mine dance and prance around showing of their new do every time they get back from the groomer. 

Shh, It’s Whisper Time

You know those things that need talked about but most of us would rather ignore them. Well, this is one of them. Based on our vet’s recommendations, we recommend against having your poodle puppy’s anal glands expressed. Doing so manually without a serious need can cause damage and then the glands will need expressed on a regular basis. For more information on this, check with your vet. It’s important that you remind your groomer, if you use one, of your preference every time you take your dog for a spa day. 

Absolute Elegance to Powerful Athlete

Standard Poodles are truly spectacular dogs. They exhibit absolute elegance while performing as powerful athletes. Your chosen grooming style will accent you Spoos amazing qualities.

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