Socialization and Separation Anxiety

A Socialized Poodle is a Happy Poodle

Socialization is important for your poodle. By nature they bond, strongly, with their primary people.

If not properly socialized with other animals and people, they can be standoffish or even slightly protective or timid. There are many resources out there on socializing poodles, and your course of action will depend on your dog.

Start early, be consistent, and don’t shy from using a professional trainer to make sure your dog is given every opportunity for success.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a real thing with Standard Poodles. They LOVE their people and bond with them on a deep level.

When I was researching poodles before I got my first pup this was an area of concern for me as anxiety can lead to behavior issues and an unhappy dog. After much research, these are the standards that have worked best for me and my Spoos:

  • Enjoy the bonding time. I kept my puppies with me as much as possible and interacted with them instead of focusing on other things.
  • I did not leave my poodle puppies overnight until they were 6 months old. This has been an inconvenience, but it truly makes a difference.
  • I did not leave my poodle puppies with anyone but family until they were over a year old. The one exception to this might be if you have a wonderful doggie daycare/boarding facility that your puppy is already comfortable with. Boarding for any dog is stressful, and it’s especially stressful for these sensitive pooches if they aren’t ready for it.
  • I took my dogs for rides (properly secured) and I took them on trips with me whenever possible. They love to travel with us now!
  • I took them to new places and immersed them in new situations. We went hiking, to dog parks (when they were old enough), to daycare, for walks on busy sidewalks, to loud and creepy quiet places, and to noisy family gatherings. The more they are exposed to the better. Our poodle puppies are exposed to as many different stimuli as possible to make sure they have a head start before they come to you.
Working for Your Happiest Standard Poodle

Your actions and choices play an important role in your Standard Poodle’s mental and physical well-being. Their first year takes consistent training, time, and lots of love. Let me assure you though, the bond you will share with your Spoo is well worth it. 

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