Sensitive Standard Poodle Hearts

Sensitive Souls

Standard Poodles are intelligent and emotionally sensitive dogs. If you have a loud household full of passionate arguing (even in good fun) or roughhousing, this may not be the breed for you. Some poodles are sensitive to stress and can end up literally sick to their stomachs if they are stressed by their environment. Others settle into most environments with no problem. The one constant is anger and violence will take a toll on your Spoo’s emotional health.

Just like people, Standard Poodles come in all levels of sensitivity and each puppy has a unique and wonderful personality. Your puppy will be unique because of its character, training, perceived security level, the environment it is raised in, and its bond with you.

Active and Energetic

They have deep emotional wells and Standard Poodles  also have deep wells of energy. Young Standard Poodles tend to be awkward and ungainly during their growth spurts. Just like a teenager! It’s fun to watch as they run and play with glee and then trip over their own feet.

They jump, romp and play like a puppy well into adulthood. I love watching a Spoo have fun, but you have to be aware of this trait. Make sure vases aren’t on the edge of tables and children aren’t knocked over during play time. I’ve almost been knocked over during play time and I’m a sturdy girl!

Poodle puppies are exuberant, energetic, and so loving and amusing that you won’t know what you did before you had one. That moment when you’re sad and you look into their eyes and see that they share your sorrow will tug at your heart. Watching as they laugh and something they find funny will tickle your funny bone. They are emotive and kind, caring and compassionate. In my opinion, they are pretty much the perfect dog.

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